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Marketing Leader at CBTW

Véronique Coyola

"At CBTW we value people by working for their well being and evolution. So we asked Fenghi to create a special and unique CBTW blend of essential oils that nurture positive thinking, one of our core values."

Marketing Manager at Mitiga Solutions

Marina Gabarró

"I've been using the Lilia diffuser for over a year and it's great. I like to use it
when I have to work on projects that require concentration and/or creativity,
as well as to relax after a long day, or when I have guests over." 😊

CEO at Freemind

Lisiane Goffaux

"When we discovered Fenghi Oils, it seemed obvious that a FENGHI ZEN SOLUTION would be appropriate to our approach. The Fenghi ZEN pack comes with a diffuser and a guide that makes it very easy and practical to use - even for those who have never used essential oils before."